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The Front Porch with John Walters is quite simply about the people who make New Hampshire an interesting place to live. Each weekday, John talks with people active in business, the arts, history in fact, every aspect of our lives. [homepage]
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 Documentary of the Month September 2005

Jackdaw Memories

I've been trying for sometime to find a documentary by a british based producer to feature here. But being the home of the almighty BBC, its not been easy to find someone outside that broadcasting megalith producing radio documentaries.

However, with a recent move north to Scotland, I find just such a producer on my doorstep in the guise of the North East Fife Digital Archive.

This month's DOTM is one of its documentaries entitled "Jackdaw Memories". In the Second World War an aerodrome near Crail on the remote east coast of Fife became home to the naval airbase HMS Jackdaw. Crail residents Tom Richardson and Sid Bateman recount their experiences of wartime service at the Fleet Air Arm airfield where navy pilots were taught the new skill of dropping torpedoes. The programme describes weaponry and gives an insight into the lives of military and civilian workers at the base.

Control Tower, HMS Jackdaw
Photo: © Rick Garside


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 About Me

Hi, My name is Chris Butterfield and I'm a collector of Radio Documentary and feature programmes.

Chris Picture
Why I collect radio documentaries?

My love of radio, and the documentary/feature genre in particular probably stems from my early childhood years. As a family we didn't have a television until I was in my early teens, so listening to the radio was as natural to me as watching cartoons on the television was to my friends. Because I live in the UK, this was principally the BBC's Radio 4. Sunday mornings always meant Alistair Cooke's “Letter From America”.

With the arrival of the Internet I've met other collectors of radio programmes mainly of Radio Drama or Comedy programmes. I know of only one other collector with a special interest in documentaries/feature programmes. Hence my reason for establishing this website. Are there any other documentary collectors out there?

About Tapehunter
Tapehunter has been established to fill the void in programme collecting circles for documentary and feature programming, there are three excellent sites for comedy and drama, but until now nothing for the documentary form.

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Are you a producer? Why not send me a copy of your programme, which we will archive, and make available to other collectors, academics and researchers subject to any permissions/restrictions set by you the author. We can cope with a range of audio formats including audio cassette, open reel tape, CD, minidisc and MP3.

You can contact me via email using the following link Tapehunter

Previous Documentary
of the Month
July/August 2005
The International Criminal Court in It's own Words

Chief Prosecutor of the ICC
Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo,
being sworn in on the 16th of June 2003.

Photo: ICC-CPI / Wim Van Cappellen
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Can a court bring justice to the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing? Will the formation of the International Criminal Court in The Hague create a fairer world and curb the vile excesses of the worst of us? This clear and definitive Radio Netherlands Vox Humana documentary traces the evolution of accountability and the hopes of the newly established Court. It shows the routes by which the accused may be forced for the first time to answer for their crimes. Officials and judges explain their mandate, but lest we become snung in the legal niceties of it all, one little girl explains why she is a victim seeking justice in this documentary by Michele Ernsting.

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