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Sound Samples

What do a séance, a high speed police chase through London, a budgie that spoke Glaswegian and the mating calls of Atlantic Seals have in common?

They are just four of the more usual recordings we've recovered from "dead media" (audio formats that have outlived there usefulness because there are no devices conveniently available to play them) such as reel to reel tapes, cassettes and old 78 rpm records as part of our work rescuing the sounds and voices of people's past.

We're not a huge faceless business, but a family run business in the Scotland borders. Here is a recording of Chris's grandfather speaking about his school days in the early 20th Century in Grimsby.

Here's a selection sound clips showing the variety of material we have transferred to customers

  This is the voice of our technician's late Grandfather speaking about his school days in Grimsby during the early 20th Century.
Memories of a WW2 training flight that went wrong and ended in a Canadian corn field.
  A short clip from an audio letter sent from father to his son living in Australia in the 1950's before cheap international telephone calls. A Mother singing with her child
  An oral history recording. Ron Howard was a very brave man, he was the Beachmaster (an officer in charge of disembarkation of troops and munitions ) on Gold Beach on the 6th June 1944 (D-Day). He was the first man ashore! Child with his short own version of a well known nursey rhyme.
  Before domestic video cameras, people often made audio recordings of their wedding using a reel to reel tape recorder. A Grandmother reads a bedtime story, which was then sent by post to her grandchildren living abroad

Radio Interviews
Chris interviewed by Bryan Crump on Radio New Zealand National
Beth being interviewed by Dave Raven on BFBS Radio





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