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Help and Advice

There are always individual circumstances not covered by a web page's information. If you need further help or advice you can ring us on 01472 389965 between 9am and 5 pm (Monday - Friday) or send an email to

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Do you carry out work for customers based outside the UK?

Yes we do. Our website gets many hits from around the World. Because proper audio restorers are few and far between in the World, we are happy to help overseas customers and regularly accept work from across the globe. We once had a parcel of tapes hand delivered from Australia.

We do ask for payment in advance in pounds sterling from our overseas customers. Some customers prefer to use Fedex or a similar courier. But the postal service in your country will also have an airmail service where the parcel is tracked.

Sending material in the post is always a risk and we can help make the process safer by giving advice on packing precious items. We can also return your restored material to you in a digital form (MP3 audio files) before we post or courier your CD's and original tapes. That way we minimise the risk to your material. It is however impossible for us to obtain insurance for what we do, even from Lloyds of London, because what we handle is often of no monetary value but of enormous emotional worth.

If you think we may be of assistance to you then please email us at and we will guide you from there. We pride ourselves in our customer service.

Just some of the countries from where we have received work:
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