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Feature Story
"The Perspex Record"

It has been quite a year for "Voices of the Forces" records to be transfered to CD. Most of these increasingly rare recordings, which were used by members of our armed forces to send messages home were recorded on a simple 5 inch metal disc sprayed with a layer of fragile shellac. As the records age, through the decades the shellac generally becomes increasling brittle and flakey making transfers that bit more difficult.

It came as quite a surprise then, to receive a VOTF disc with a difference, one which was recorded onto a square piece of transparent plastic! Shortly after completing the transfer our client wrote to us with the following testimonial and background information.

Perspex Record
"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did on my Dad's record.

Here is the story behind the record. Please feel free to quote from it as testimony to your high quality service.

My Father was stationed in Germany after the Second World War. During the war he had been part of a mobile radio location crew, what we might now think of as Radar. After the war he played French Horn in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry band all over Germany. It was during this period that he made the record. I would guess that it was in the period 1945-1948. It contained a message and songs for my Mother and Grandmother. My Mother was, at the time, living with my Grandmother at the family home in Derbyshire.

My Father told me that he would often be invited to sing in the Sergeant's mess, which he would do in return for a drink. My Mother told me that she and his mother played the record 'to death' while he was absent.

As children, my sister and I were fascinated by the thought of a 'square' record and often asked for it to be played. Over time the record became more and more worn, and was eventually too hard to play, having had holes worn in it!. When we found the record during the clearing of that same family home after our parent's death, we wondered if we would ever be able to play the record again.

Mr Hill Portrait
Record Sleeve

Some time later I resolved to find a specialist service that might attempt transcription of the record. Searching the Internet I found Precious Voices. However, it was still some time before I dared send the record off, perhaps I feared that it would not be playable. I finally plucked up the nerve to send it.

A few days later I received a phone call from yourselves to say that you had successfully played the record and been able to transcribe it to CD. I was so pleased, finally we were able to play the CD and hear that wonderful voice sing from nearly 60 years ago. I cannot thank you enough, both for the actual work you performed and for the fast and friendly way in which it was provided."

Mr L. Hill.

PV Perspex Record 1 by Precious Voices
Listen to the Record
PV Perspex Record 2 by Precious Voices


Dear Precious Voices,

I am the sister of Mr.L.Hill who sent you the record. Like him I too thought that it would be something I would never listen to again due to it's condition. My brother never told me that he had sent it off to you or indeed that he was even looking for somewhere to send it to!

After you had performed this 'magical' act, he still said nothing as he was waiting untill he could actually bring it over for me to hear!

He said "I've got a new cd that you may be interested in hearing". Imagine my surprise and delight at hearing my Fathers voice coming through the speakers.

My children were off school at the time on a half-term break and didn't know what was going on as both their Mum and their Uncle were stood in the middle of the room with tears streaming down both of our faces!
We explained just what they were listening to and then we 'had' to play it all over again! My 15 year old son was so impressed that his Grandad had "made a record" that he borrowed the disc, put it in the computer and then loaded it on to his mp3 player so that he can play it to his friends when he goes back to school!

I cannot begin to explain what it meant to me to be able to hear my Fathers voice again after all these years, and to be able to let my children hear it too. I cannot thank you enough for the service you have provided for us, it's truely magical!

Thank you.


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