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Feature Story
" Sunshine from Daddy"

  Long before the troops rang home on their mobile phones, a different technology was at the cutting edge of keeping families together. During World War Two, little metal discs of aluminium were coated in French polish. Each little disc could be scratched on a primitive stylus machine and carry just a few precious words home to loved ones.
During the dark days of 1941, one of Monty's Desert Rats had a brief respite in Cairo. He thought it was the height of modern technology to record one of these little discs and send it home to his young family. Sixty years later it resurfaced, brittle and damaged but still audible with careful restoration. On either side the label has faded to yellowing paper now, but still visible in pencil is the inscription, "to Sunshine from Daddy".  
  Listen as he assures his infant daughter of his love for her and promises of the good times ahead when the war is over and he comes home. We are happy to recount that he did come home safely and lived to a good age. We are grateful to "Sunshine", now in her sixties, for allowing us to share this special message with you.




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