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Customer Testimonials

"You have no idea how much joy and pleasure you have given me by rescuing the tapes of my late husband’s adventures in West Africa as a medical student from Cambridge. Given how old the tapes were, to hear his voice as clear as if he was speaking in front of me is just amazing. The whole family is delighted. Our youngest grand-daughter was thrilled to hear her beloved Poppa talking again and especially the section about being in Timbuktu. The speed and quality of your work is just so very good and the fact that you kept me updated on progress was a big plus. I would have no hesitation in recommending your wonderful company to anyone with Precious Voices they wish restored to life."
Mrs MacDonald, Northamptonshire.
December 2021

"Precious Voices were a pleasure and professional to work with and the recording of my parent’s wedding was as clear as it could be. As a Christmas present it moved my mother to tears and we listened to it immediately it was opened. We are now looking for other tapes on which this magic can be worked. "
Mr Hamnett, Wiltshire.
January 2021

"I have to write and thank you for the wonderful restoration of the cassette tapes of my grandfather, from 1971,and father, from 1993. I am so pleased that you have been able to recover very decent sound from the originals, and finding some top end in the recordings.  I am now more aware of my grandfather having had false teeth!.  But the tapes are indeed precious, as they transport the listener back to his childhood and the very dawn of the 20th Century. So glad to find you, and have had you work with them, and produce these quality CD copies.  Thank you. "
Mr Slater, Derbyshire.
November 2020

"I was blown away by the sound quality of your tape to CD transfer! Really, it’s better than I could have imagined & I really felt like I was there in the same room as it was being recorded nearly 50 years ago. Incredible! I thought my botched attempt to repair the tape before bringing it to you would have wrecked it, but clearly a terrific clean-up job took place too. Many thanks again for your excellent service. If I find my tapes full of family secrets, I’ll be in touch again right away...! "
Ms Holmes, North East Lincolnshire.
November 2020

"I just wanted to let you know the CD arrived exactly on time and perfectly packaged. You are absolute miracle workers having been able to produce such a clear recording from what was such a faint and hissy original tape. To watch my husband's face as he listened to the voice of his dearly missed and so very much loved Mum after all these years was utterly wonderful. He can’t wait to share her voice with his children and grandchildren now .... the incredible quality of the recording meant that it felt as though Thelma was in the room with us and her incredibly funny and feisty personality was palpable. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done - and can’t recommend Precious Voices highly enough to everybody. "
Mrs Michels, London.
November 2020

"I am in receipt of the CD produced from the reel to reel tape recordings performed in 1962. I wish to commend you on producing a wonderful set of family voices, songs and music, which I thought were non retrievable. Being capable of sharing these with the remaining members of my family, brought great joy and much discussion on voices we never thought could be reproduced with such clarity and distinct quality. I would thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to restore audio tapes to contact and discuss their requirement with Precious Voices. "
Mr MacQuaid, Cheshire.
October 2020

"I received the tapes at around 1pm today, many thanks. I'm delighted with them! I don't know who or where the first concert is, I think my father must have been to see a male voice choir and taken the tape recorder. The second one is just what I was hoping for, our family singing together at one of our concerts. I think I'm even singing a solo! "
Mrs Scott,  Co.Durham.
August 2020

"I must say the quality (of the recovered recordings) exceeded my expectations and also the level of service you have provided has been excellent. "
Mr Oswald,  Inverness-shire
March 2020

"We would like to thank you so much and say how delighted we are with the CDs you produced for us recently. Very sadly our dear son died over 10 years ago. So when recently we came across a tape of our children's voices recorded over 35 years ago (which we had long forgotten about), these were indeed “precious voices”. As a wonderful and meaningful surprise for our daughter we were keen to have some copies made so went online and found the Precious Voices website. We would gladly recommend this excellent service."
Mr & Mrs Griffin,  Lincolnshire
February 2020

"Thank you so much for working on the audio tape recorded by my late father from 1957. The CD you created was great quality. I have now been able to "share" it with my mum as well as my Dad's younger brother and sister and my brother and sister. I know that as each of them listened to the CD it will have had the same effect on them as when I first listened to it. I know it will have brought a tear to their eyes. All were very pleased to hear it. None knew it had existed and were surprised at the quality from a 63 year old tape."
Mr Weaver, Lincolnshire
January 2020

"For anyone considering using Precious Voices, have no hesitation. I was apprehensive when looking at possible sites to help me transfer the data (from a reel to reel tape) on to a CD. But I am so glad that I chose Precious Voices as the service I received was personal as well as professional with lots of help and advice for me on the way. I contacted Chris a few times and felt very happy with his relaxed approach which gave me confidence to hand over my tape. I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone.".
Mrs Hoddinott, Somerset
January 2020

"Wow, had to wait a while before emailing you back as it was very emotional hearing my grandad's voice. He sounds much more London, than I remember.".
Mrs Jacob
September 2019

"Thank you for your excellent, personalised service. Your recovery of my father's commentary on a reel to reel tape recording of a BFBS broadcast is the only record the family has of his voice and as such is incredibly special. The grandchildren who never met him have now heard his voice for the first time and for my sister and I it has been a very emotional moment. The entire process has been simple and I would not hesitate to highly recommend your service to others. Thank you".
N.T. Start
Salisbury, Wiltshire

March 2019

"Thank you so much for transferring the recording of Holton-le-Clay's Womens Institute's winning competition entry from 1969 onto CD...you wouldn't believe it is 50 years old nearly to the day. It is so funny hearing familiar voices from my childhood. You have done a sterling job. I sent it to my sister in Spain ... She loved it too."
Mrs Nottage, Lincolnshire

January 2019

"Thank you so much for the tape transcription. I had not heard it before and therefore it brought back many memories of that eventful occassion especially meeting Douglas Bader and Ginger Lacey"
Capt. Mike Giles RAF (ret.), Hampshire

January 2019

"Just a note to thank you so much for another excellent audio restoration. After my years in B.F.B.S. and the B.B.C., it's good that you are out there, preserving the high standards of work which used to be the norm at the Corporation!"
Richard Clegg, BBC and BFBS (radio) presenter/producer.

October 2018

"Just a line to let you know that I have listened to the CD and I am more than happy with the result. Wasn't sure what to expect from a 55 year old tape that probably hadn't been too well looked after, so really pleased. "
Mr Gibson, Ayrshire.

July 2018

"What a brilliant job you've done on the Voices of the Forces postal records, I've forwarded them to my siblings for them to listen to. I found this quite emotional and at the time he (my father) recorded these, I would have been about two months old. Thank you so much for what you've done. I only wish Mother was here to listen to them again. If I hear of anyone in need of your services, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you. If you think my comments are worthy of your website, please feel free to add them as a recommendation."
Mrs Brown, Kent.

May 2018

"Many thanks for all your efforts in converting my old record and VHS tapes (to DVD). It was really interesting to hear my uncle singing over 50 years ago. Regarding the DVDs (of VHS videos), all great to have, it's years since we've seen them. Good also to see our wedding video again....This will be played at our 25th wedding anniversary lunch later this year. "
Mr Cooper, Hampshire.

March 2018

"Thank you so much for the CD (of a recording recovered from a damaged Voices of the Forces record). I took it round to my brother & family earlier. I didn't tell them what it was, just put it in the player. My brother sat quietly listening at first then on the 2nd time played his mouth dropped open & he sat staring into space. My niece walked into the room whilst it was playing and immediately said "That's Granddad's voice". You have made Ted & Olive's Lunn's children very happy. Thank you again."
Mrs Glover, Kent.

March 2018

"Thanks for this - it's really far more than I ever expected....I don't know what to say - We'd heard he (my late father) had penned a play but had no idea we were sitting on a recording... I'm really looking forward to showing the rest of the family."
Mr Crabb, East Yorkshire.

February 2018

" Thank you so much. I am really delighted with the end result and it surpasses my expectations. It's wonderful to hear my Dad's voice."
Mrs Rust, Wiltshire.

February 2018

"Thank you so much, I've had a very emotional time listening! The quality is amazing, much better than I thought. I can't thank you enough for this."
Mrs Smith, Tyne & Wear

December 2017

"Our CD arrived as promised in time for my mother’s 79th birthday. It was the first time she, my three siblings and I had heard my father’s voice since his death more than 40 years ago, while we were all still young children. An emotional time — somehow voices alone seem more personal and direct than video. Thank you for the great care you obviously took in extracting the useful stuff — which amazingly survived all those years stored in poor conditions — and dividing it into tracks. I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family.
Mr Hardiker, London

June 2017

"I don't know where to begin with thanking you in sending me the voice of my father. I'm afraid I shed many tears, but mainly of joy, to hear him again after 45 years. You have given me a very precious gift which means the world to me. Again, thank you for allowing me to hear him again, and even in a few moments, and reflect the lovely husband and father he was. I am deeply in your debt.
Mrs Cole, Hampshire

January 2017

"I was somewhat sceptical that you would be able to bring my old tapes back to life but you did!. To hear family voices from fifty years ago was very moving. I felt as if I was back in my childhood home surrounded by my parents and grandparents, great aunts and uncles. All sadly long gone. Magical!
Mrs Allport, Northumberland.

June 2016

"Would just like to say thank you very much for all your hard work in transferring my dad's tape to CD. After searching many internet sites we were attracted to "Precious Voices" as your site seemed to recognise the sentimental value of the tapes that you receive and your passion for restoring tapes was clearly evident. We were very pleased to discover that your dedication and quality of work matched the statements promised on your site, to paraphrase a well known commercial "it does exactly what it says on the tin!" Personally I would say we received excellent value as not only did you have to listen to over 4 hours of tape to recover the material but you ordered it and recorded it at the same sound levels for easy playback. Your attention to detail is admirable and rarely found these days. Once again, thank you and we would have no hesitation in recommending you.
Mr Nuttall, Northumberland.

February 2016

"I just want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for transferring a "voices of the forces" recording on to CD. It was so emotional to hear my fathers voice again, he passed away 45 years ago,and until the time of his death I did not know the records existed. My children, grandchildren, and myself are so thrilled to hear the recording from 1945 whilst he was serving with the Army in Cairo. Thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism, and promptness of the work you have done for me. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in need of your services.
Mrs Grimes, North Yorkshire.

January 2016

"Received the package. Very interesting material. The race is now on to play it to the remaining elders in my family.....Excellent work by the way."
Mr Metcalfe, Sheffield.
October 2015

"I have recieved the item in the post this morning, everything was fine, it (the recording) contained my mum going to elocution, my granny speaking and a local Womans Institute Group talking away, very useful. Thanks again."
Mr Graham, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
October 2015

"After an old cassette tape of my young daughters playing and singing Christmas carols failed to rewind in an equally old cassette player, I contacted Precious Voices, found by asking a question on Google, to see what they could do to rescue it. Chris at Precious Voices assured me that they could transfer the short sound track on to a CD. Not only did they manage to eliminate much of the hiss sound but also returned the CD to me in double quick time. They offer very efficient and friendly service which I would have no hesitation in recommending. "
Mrs Facey, Yorkshire.
October 2015

"Package received and in good nick. Am listening now. Sounds crystal clear. Thank you very much."
Mr Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.
September 2015

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. Thank you very much for restoring my 30 year old cassette tape. The voices are clear and audible. I very much appreciate your skill and expertise."
Mr Fraser, Dumfries.
September 2015

"Got the tapes today and have listened to the Shostakovitch - delighted. I am looking at some other elderly tapes and may find more candidates for similar treatment."
Mr Lonie, West Lothian, Scotland.
September 2015

"Yes, have received both the tape and CD thank you again. Have listened to it myself a few times and loved it. Will give it to mum Christmas morning and am sure she will be thrilled. I've been trying to work out what year it was taped (dropping hints to my mum to try and find out) I think it must be sometime in the sixties, maybe a bit earlier I don't know. Hopefully will find out when mum listens to it. My great grandfather was a keen gardener and he had an allotment where he spent many hours, so I love the discussion about the veg! He also used to walk miles apparently right into old age, so it's good it starts with the walk. Thank you again, I'm so pleased I sent it to you. There are a couple of other tapes so when I can afford it I will send them too."
Mrs L. Thomas,
December 2014

"The tape and CD's were received in good order - It was great hearing voices and songs from almost 50 years ago, and I am sure that other family members will be as thrilled."
Mr Greenaway, Northumberland.
November 2014

"Tape and CDs arrived safe, many thanks. I have listened to the CDs, very interesting!! Will see if we can find some more tapes."
Mr Paine, East Sussex.
November 2014

"I just want to say a massive thank you for your hard work in capturing a "voices of the forces" recording and reproducing it onto CD. The extended family have been extremely emotional listening to it, having only rediscovering it a month ago (it had been lost for over 40 years). My great uncle, recorded it in Burma around 1944. Unfortunately, he was killed 4 years later, whilst still on active service. His brother now 97 and sister-in-law 95 shed a tear whilst listening to it. The recording brought back both happy and sad memories which they related to us. My great uncle left a wife and 2 children, who sadly never had the opportunity to hear the record it. However, his 3 surviving children, thanks to Precious Voices, can now hear their father's voice. Thank you for agreeing to do this for us, your valuable work is very much appreciated."
Mrs Hardisty, Tyne & Wear.
September 2014

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful job you have done transferring our old video tapes onto DVD. You have spent time and care placing random videos into chronological order. We are over the moon with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Thank you again."
Mrs Webster, Dumfries.
June 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that I've now had a chance to listen to the CDs you sent me all the way through, and they are amazing. The recordings brought a tear to my eye. It was lovely to be able to hear my dad, granddad and grandma playing music together. That is truly priceless. One of my cousins was thrilled to hear that her father is playing piano on one of the CDs, and my brother is going to be amazed at all the recordings of him as a small child talking to our granddad. The crying baby was me, I am ashamed to say. Once again, thank you for the wonderful work you did with these tapes. I'm so glad I decided to send them to you.
Mrs Partlett, Oxfordshire.
June 2014

"Just a wee note to say a big thank you for transferring 6 old scratched 78rpm records recorded in the early 50's of my Dad's dance band that played in the Burma Ballroom, Kirkcaldy. How you got the quality of sound of these old records was truly amazing. You have brought back memories of 60 years ago and I must admit there was a wee tear in my eye when I heard my dad tinkling away on the piano."
Mr Taylor, Kirkcaldy, Fife.
May 2014

"What a lovely time I've had as I listen to our family singing, talking and laughing on the new CD. I was very anxious at sending the old tape since it held precious memories for me. However, I was reassured that everything had been saved! I have now bought duplicate CDs for each of my children so that their children can enjoy 'visiting their grandparents' in a unique and special way. An extra bonus is that the sound quality is much better than the original tape! Thank you."
Mrs Rice, Perthshire.
March 2014

"Thank you so, so much! You are an absolute angel. We were hoping to play Climb Every Mountain at the service. I cannot thank you enough for your care and thoughtfulness. It goes without saying I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again or recommend you. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!"
Miss Kirk, Staffordshire.
February 2014

"I have just had the opportunity to listen to the CD for the first time and would like to thank you so very much for what you have done. The recording is fabulous, I know my Mum and Dad will be really moved by this when I play it to them on Sunday for the first time in probably 20 years."
Mr Stevenson, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
February 2014

"The CD (and original tape) arrived safely and we listened to it last night and really really laughed to the very out of tune singing! It took me right back to the times my dad always caused great laughter recording family get togethers. I truly thank you so much for what will truly be a fantastic present for my mum (the loudest out of tune singer!!) on her forthcoming 80th Birthday."
Mrs Debbie Smith, Cheshire.
February 2014

"I sailed across the Atlantic in 1975 with friends on a schooner built in1924. I made jottings on an old audio cassette machine. I came across the tape the other day, tried to play it and it broke. I looked on the web for someone who could restore it and transform it into mp3. I found Precious Voices in Scotland and sent them my tape. I have today received the audio files in Madeira where I now live. The sound quality is great and of course this brings back many memories of almost 40 years ago. Thank you Precious Voices"
Mr Peter Collard, Madeira, Portugal.
January 2014

"Just a note to thank you for being able to fit our microcassette in to your schedule in time for our family re-union. It brought back many happy memories and the voice quality was such that we felt as though we had two more people in the room!"
Mr & Mrs Williamson, Ayrshire.
January 2014

"I am writing this to express how satisfied I am with the service that I received from Precious Voices. My family recently found an old reel tape of my Gran and Grandad singing. My sister and I searched the internet for a company who could transfer it onto a CD, which is when we found Precious Voices.

I am delighted that I went with them, the quality of their work was outstanding and as this was a surprise Christmas present for my dad who has been really poorly they said that although they were busy they would try their best to get my CD out in time for Christmas which they did and my dad did appreciate it. The quality of sound was amazing you felt as if you were standing in the room with them as (family members) were giving us a rendition of Danny boy. The bonus was when my dad who at that time was just ten years old sang a song of his own it was priceless! I think that in all his years this was the best present he has ever received.

So for anyone thinking of using Precious Voices, in our experience you will not be disappointed. I was a bit worried that my old cassette would get lost or damaged in post, but have no worries it's all done special delivery and they get in contact with you when they receive package. I hope this review will help people to choose this company because on behalf of my family I can safely say you will be glad you did choose Precious Voices."
Mr & Mrs Norton, Fife.
January 2014

"Thank you so much for the CDs - I've just listened to them and they're great! They span right from before I was born (and my brothers were very small) right through my childhood. They include the voices of not only my 2 brothers and I as children, but my late father and even my late grandmother briefly. It was so nice to hear their voices and my family are going to love them as presents! The quality is fantastic and I love the addition of the markers so that specific sections are identified.You are clearly extremely good at what you are do and I am very impressed with, and grateful for your talents. Your communication throughout has been reassuringly professional and I can't thank you enough."
Mrs Kendall, South Wales.
December 2013

"I would just like to say many thanks for the work you have done converting my old micro-cassette tape onto a CD. I didn't dare hope to have such an excellent result. It was lovely to hear my late grandmother's voice again, talking away about her life. I am so pleased to have found Precious Voices and won't hesitate to recommend you to all. "
Mrs McNulty, Cheshire .
November 2013

"Thank you for bringing back our memories of 45 years ago so clearly. We appreciate the quick response and delivery of the reel. Our nephew in Australia will be delighted to hear his late father's voice as we were. He will also be amused to hear himself as a 2 year old singing with his big sister. I am sure his family will also appreciate hearing their dad and grandfather on the tape. Thank you again the first class service you delivered."
Mr McGregor, Fife .
November 2013

"Thank you for an excellent service all round. I am pleased to recommend you to others without any hesitation or reservation. Your professionalism, helpfulness, communication and customer service has been second to none and is very much appreciated. My wife was delighted with the CD of her father – a celebrated tenor of his day, originally recorded on 78’s. I am equally pleased with the transfer of my own performances on double bass from cassette to CD."
Mr Coburn, Cumbria .
November 2013

"Thank you Precious Voices for your kindness, professionalism and promptness of the work you have done for me. I am so pleased to now have a record of my late father whilst he recorded my birthday party on an old reel to reel, I was a toddler at the time and my mother had such a posh voice, and for a northerner that was quiet a laugh. Thank you also for the DVD you recently copied from a VHS tape which was over 27 years old, memories again of my passing out parade.....did I really have a moustache. Brill service and one I will use again. I strongly recommend Precious Voices. Fantastic service."
Mr Stephenson, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear .
September 2013

"Many thanks it (parcel containing old tape and new CD) arrived yesterday. I am so pleased to have a version I can listen to. It has my Granddad and Grandma's voices on it - so my daughters can hear them for the first time."
Mrs Addison, Cheshire.
September 2013

"Memories of the bitter 1962/3 winter flooded back and I was reminded of our impeccable speaking style, even mine aged 9. The whole process conducted with trust and courtesy by Precious Voices."
Mr Denham St. Pinnock, Sussex.
August 2013

"This afternoon we played the CD recording of our Marriage Service made on July 20th 1963 and we are absolutely delighted with what you have done for us. Thank you so much for getting the completed recording back to us (at short notice) for the party."
Dr & Mrs Brooke, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
July 2013

"Thank you so much, I think it's the first time in about 30 years that we have heard that song (recovered from an old 78 record) all the way through. I must say some tears have been cried while hearing it, I'm sure my son and mother-in-law will love it to. Once again we cannot thank you enough."
Mrs Bowl, Essex.
July 2013

"I have now listened to all the recordings you have saved for me. From what was a complicated batch of tapes you have done a superb job. Thank you. P.S. Seeing if there is anything else (to send you) to record."
Mr Tolley, Buckinghamshire.
June 2013

"Sorry for taking a while to email. I just wanted to say a big thank you for transferring my mums 78 record onto CD. Its much better quality than I thought you would have been able to get, so my mum and I are really pleased. It was also a very quick turnaround. Many thanks for such a great service."
Mrs Sharpe, Bedfordshire.
June 2013

"Just to let you know I have the CD and have listened to it, it's brilliant! Had ALL the things on it that I hoped for and I love the track 'breaks' (markers), perfect and easy to find things! Thank you so much!"
Mrs Henderson, Worcestershire.
March 2013

"I am extremely grateful to you for dealing with everything so promptly... Myself & my husband have just listened to the tapes which are beyond heartbreakingly touching. Having a voice to match all the reminiscences of my mum's has proved profoundly moving. On behalf of myself & my family our most grateful thanks to you."
Mrs Humphrey, Middlesex.
February 2013

"My Mother has asked me to tell you how grateful she is for the recordings you produced of her late first husband, from her “Voices of the Forces” discs. The first time I played the CD for her she listened to it many times over as if drinking in every single syllable of her first lover's voice. There were calm tears and as I watched her face it wasn't my ninety seven year old mother, but the lovely young woman she was. Truly special moments.

My sister now has the voice of the father she was too young to remember. Her children and my late brother's children now have the voice of the grandfather they never knew, as Leonard died two years after the war at the age of thirty five.

Our deepest thanks again.
Marion Humphrey"

Text from Card Received April 2013

"I've just received the parcel and am extremely happy with the results! As are my family, particularly my Grandma and Mum. We lost my Grandad just over a year ago so it was lovely to hear his voice again. Thank you so much for all your hard work - I can't tell you what it means to us all to be able to hear that record and now have a digital copy. "
Mrs Swallow, London.
February 2013

"CDs arrived at 10am this morning and have already indulged in reminiscences. Excellent work, thanks again."
Mr Mansfield, Devon.
February 2013

"When I sent an old audio tape of my Wife singing, I was simply expecting a faithful reproduction on a CD. What we received was so enhanced in terms of the purity of it's sound that our enjoyment of this piece of nostalgia has been increased immensely. I would recommend this excellent service to anyone."
Mr Roberts, Mid Glamorgan.
January 2013

"I am pleased to say that the CD & tape arrived safely this morning. I have just played it through and it brought back lots of memories. Both sets of grandparents feature on the tape, they died in the 1970s. The quality is very good and I can quite clearly hear the cuckoo clock ticking in the background! Thank you once again for such an efficient service."
Mrs Fox, Aldershot.
January 2013

"I wish to compliment you on the audio transfer service you provide. You delivered my "Precious Voices" intact, on budget and before the target date. The resulting tracks are music to my ears and have gone down very well with the rest of the family. As I mentioned to you, I brought just the two tapes to see how well you dealt with them. I have several others requiring the same treatment, and I shall be beating my path to your door in the very near future."
Mr Haywood, York.
January 2013

"I was very happy with what Precious Voices did. Very glad to have chosen them. They have given me very good personal service. I would recommend them to anyone."
Ms Nicolson, Inverness.
January 2013

"Thank you for sending (back) the tape and new CD, the recordings were lovely to hear. Most of the family on the tape are all gone so really it makes the recording priceless. Although my father had the tape sent to him in 1968, I had never heard it before so it was a nice surprise. I hope I can find some more as Iknow that other recordings were made and hopefully you can help me again. Thank You."
Mr Linden, Cumbria.
October 2012

"The CDs are wonderful - it is particularly lovely hearing the ones of my son as a baby. I also enjoyed the one where I am reciting the nursery rhymes going 'boom boom' at the end - I was an early afficianado of Basil Brush I believe! My Dad's voice sounds much more as I remember on the Panto tape. I have now done CDs for my sisters using the memory stick, and hope they will enjoy them as much as I have.
Many thanks again."
Mrs Skinner, Hampshire.
October 2012

"Tapes and Discs safely received this morning. Very pleased with the end results. You have also revealed some other bits and pieces which quite frankly I did not know existed. Thanks again for a job very well done."
Mr Kydd, Angus.
August 2012

"I've just listened to the CD you made from my Dad's old tape. It's wonderful! Family voices so clear after more than 40 years on that tape. Could even hear our pet budgie. Thank you so much."
Mrs Coombes, Bucks.
August 2012

"The C.D. arrived safely yesterday and I was delighted to hear the recordings so clearly again. I've been on the point of throwing it (the tape) away so many times in the past, thinking nothing could be done to restore it. Luckily, my son mentioned your website so thank you for making this possible. I shall certainly be recommending your services to my friends & family both here and in Australia."
Mrs Hilton.
August 2012

"Thank you so much for converting my reel to reel tapes. The CD was one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me. It is so precious to me and my family to hear my Mam's voice again after so many years, as we lost her in 1986. It was very emotional for us all, but so nice too. My Dad and sisters are so very grateful too. Many thanks for everything as they have brought back wonderful memories. PS. My two budgies (Peter & Paul) on there as well!"
Mrs Gray, Stockton on Tees.
July 2012

"All arrived safe and sound, and the reproduction was wonderful. I never remembered our choir sounding so pleasant. Thank you once again. I have a reel of 1/4 inch tape that I must dig out for you to work your magic on."
Mr Mayo, Bristol.
July 2012

"Thank you very much for making the CD. It has certainly brought back memories of over 40 years ago. My younger son cannot believe his father's recorded voice - he was 20 at the time."
Mrs Blinder, London.
July 2012

"I just listened to the recording. Thank you so much. Proof that I could sing once upon a time. You are internet gold-dust. An absolute pleasure doing business with you and such incredible attentive and fast service."
Mr Allen, London.
June 2012

"Thank you so much..not only precious voices but also memories."
Mrs Orton Jones, Northants.
May 2012

"We have just listened to the cd this afternoon and are thrilled to bits with it - we could not believe that the quality was so good after 47 years! So many voices of loved ones long dead and many memories that we had forgotten about. I cannot begin to thank you for bringing our wedding day alive again for us - this is social history that will be cherished by our family for years to come."
Mrs Tribe, Bedfordshire.
May 2012

"We gave the cd to my Dad yesterday and he was absolutely delighted with the quality you had achieved with it. Very many thanks."
Mrs Gibb, Surrey.
March 2012

"I just wanted to say thank you for enabling my family to give me such a lovely surprise on my 65th birthday. It was just wonderful to be able to hear again the voices of my children in their very early years. They are
now 38, 36 and 33! I was even more thrilled to hear my Father singing the song he used to sing to us whilst driving, in the days before radios were in cars. As he passed away in 1969 this proved to be a very emotional
recording. I had thought that I would never be able to hear him again so it was a lovely surprise and brought him close again. Thank you for your wonderful service that has made this possible."
Mrs Wilson, Manchester.
March 2012

"Having found you through a desperate trawl on the internet for someone to rescue a fond memory from a cassette you immediately gave reassurance of a likely "rescue" and information about how you undertake the work. Nothing was too much trouble for you and your turn round speed was mightily impressive. All in time for Christmas, which brought smiles to many people...especially mine!! With grateful thanks and a strong recommendation to anyone thinking about using Precious Voices."
Mr Hutton, Lincolnshire.
Received February 2012

"I felt I had to write to thank you for converting my old reel to reel tape to a CD. The quality was amazing given the age of the tape and my husband was delighted to hear his mother singing again as she died 30 years ago. Not only was the end product great, but so was your service throughout the process. I would thoroughly recommend Precious Voices to anyone."

Mrs Rennie, West Lothian.
February 2012

"I just wanted to send you a quick line just to thank you again for your prompt attention to restoring my Mum’s audio reel before Christmas. All the family have now heard it and it brought back such lovely memories. Mum was delighted to hear the voices of her parents at Christmas and the sounds of her and my brothers practising songs for Sunday school. It is marvellous work that you do and I would happily recommend your company to anyone looking to restore their media to protect their memories. Thank you so much again"

Miss Brocklehurst, London.
January 2012

Just a note to say thanks for the sound you recovered from the broken tape I sent you a few weeks ago.
We hadn't expected to get much back after 40-odd years, but in the event we ended up with 20+ minutes of very clear footage when we'd expected to get virtually nothing. For us, the first 90 seconds alone was worth the cost of processing, and we wouldn't hesitate to use you again if more tapes crop up."
Mr Inglis, Derbyshire.
December 2011

"I'd just like to say many thanks for your professional and very speedy service. It's wonderful that a childhood cassette recording made over 30 years ago is now preserved on CD for my siblings and I to enjoy! It's of great sentimental value and the quality of the recording is excellent."
Mr Hughes, Fife.
November 2011

"I have not heard my father's voice for over fifty years as he died when I was a teenager. But he recorded his singing on some fragile 78 rpm records, which Precious Voices have retrieved and made accessible to my family on CD. The door that was closed with Dad's death is now ajar. Thank you!"

Rev. Brooke, Perthshire.
November 2011

"We are quite amazed at the quality of the sound. We now know that the tape was sent to my future parents-in-law (now deceased) and that we had not heard it before. The high quality of the sound was disconcerting. It seemed that my parents were in the room with us - yet they were speaking of worries and hopes of over 40 years ago."

Mr Zotov, Lincolnshire.
October 2011

"My CD and tape arrived safely, many thanks. The voice on it was my mother's, which was a very nice surprise for me! Thank you again for an excellent service."

Mrs Merino, Mallorca, Spain.
September 2011

"Many thanks for the excellent discs (produced) from my tapes. The sound quality is superb and I have enjoyed them very much. I now have something to leave for my grandchildren."

Mr White, Derbyshire.
September 2011

"Many thanks for a speedy and professional job - I'm delighted with the quality of the final result- it brought back many memories!!"

Mr Forsyth, Edinburgh.
August 2011

"The reproduction quality on the CD is better than I could have hoped for- thank you so much."
Mrs Muncey, West Sussex.
August 2011

"Thank you so much for the CD. My nan cried a bit and my dad laughed at my auntie's singing. I'll give the CD to my nephews so they can hear the voice of their great-great-grandad."
Mrs Wheat, Derbyshire.
May 2011

"I just wanted to let you know that my brothers, Mum and I spent a lovely Sunday last week listening to the tapes you have put on disc for us. It was wonderful to hear all those voices of our young years again including our own (although it's always strange to hear your own voice from when you are 7 years old) and for my nephews to hear them all as well as we have sung all those songs to them when they were little."
Mrs Keeping, Kent.
May 2011

"Many thanks for all of your help with the transfer of the audio recordings of the Orcadian filmmaker and poet, Margaret Tait (reading her poetry and from her children's book, The Grassy Stories). The quality of the transfer is excellent and ensures that the work will be well-preserved for future generations."
Dr. Sarah Neely, Department of Film, Media & Journalism, University of Stirling, Scotland.
April 2011

"I have listened to the CD twice. It is absolutely brilliant -- extremely clear and clean -- amazing! Much better than the original and better, I think, than the commercial modern recording of this extraordinary work. You have brought something very important to new and accessible life. Very well done!"
Mr Christoforides, Hampshire.
March 2011

"I received my CD this morning. Absolutely delighted. It was brilliant with a first class service. It was very emotional listening to the voices of my children 31 years ago and of my dear wife who passed away last year. I would have no hesitation of recommending Precious Voices to any person wishing to use this fantastic service."
Mr Lewis, Glasgow.
March 2011

"Package received safely and I am very pleased with the CD on which I can hear (again) my Mother, Father and Uncle."
Mrs McClelland, Northern Ireland.
January 2011

"Received the CD yesterday and as you can imagine I have been in tears since. I can't tell you how special it was to hear my parents voices again (even though they did make me cry). I have another two normal cassettes which aren't very long but once I find them I will send them to you for transfer onto CD. Once again thank you so so much. I can't wait to let my sister have the CD now, with a packet of tissues."
Mrs Guidi, Fife
January 2011

"Many thanks for letting me listen to my grandmothers’ voice for the first time in 15 years. Precious Voices took the old Dictaphone tape that had been lost in a drawer and had me listening to her voice again (on CD). A great service, well done. Many thanks."
Elliot Renton, Finance Director – London Luton Airport.
January 2011

"Thank you for doing my tape to CD. It is very clear and much better than we expected and after 40 years it was very nostalgic to hear."
Mr Hyde, Sheffield.
January 2011

"You are absolute stars and I don't know how to thank you, enough. The recording (an old worn and damaged shellac 78) is the best I have ever heard it play and my family and I can now cherish it (on CD) for ever. Thanks so much."
Mr Lawrence, Hampshire.
October 2010

"Thank you for the CD and the return of the original tapes. Delighted with the result. I have enjoyed listening to the voices from my past."
Mr Smith, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
September 2010

"The CD has arrived and we have just listened to it. Forty years disappeared and I was taken back to September 1970 as if it was yesterday. Hearing us making our vows in youthful voices, with all the anticipation of our lives ahead and my father’s quiet “I do”, his voice so sadly missed, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for bringing these memories back and giving us this opportunity to celebrate such a milestone with the reminder of how it all began. The service you provided was exceptional and I am very grateful."
Mrs Fenge, Hertfordshire.
September 2010

"Thank you so much for the way you managed to put together on CD the little stories read aloud by our Mum and Dad. They sound wonderful and the whole family - different generations - have thoroughly enjoyed being taken back in time to listen to their voices once again. We wanted to thank you too for the way you corresponded with so many of us by e-mail, by 'phone and by letter. Great service."
Miss Macqueen & Family, Dundee.
August 2010

"A recording of my grand father in 1965, speaking the Dorset dialect, has now been successfully transferred to a CD. The quality and clarity is exceptional and I am delighted. The standard of service was also excellent with constant communications on receipt, progress and return delivery."
Mr Merefield, Portsmouth.
August 2010

"Just to let you know that the CD sounds great. Thanks you very very much for your work, it is brilliant to be able to hear my dad playing the piano all these years later."
Miss Edmondson, London.
August 2010

"The CDs are great, there are so many of the family on them, some of who are no longer with us and it will be lovely to have for the future. I have four more larger tapes which I will send down to you for assessment as they are as much of a mystery to us as the other ones."
Mrs MacKenzie, Glasgow.
August 2010

"The reel-to-reel tape recording of our wedding in Coventry Cathedral was made 45 years ago. As we had not been able to play it for the whole of that time, I decided I'd get it copied on to a CD as a surprise anniversary present for my wife, and came across the Precious Voices website via a Google search.

The process was very straightforward. The tape had not deteriorated, the resulting CD is of excellent quality, and the cost involved very reasonable. Thanks to Precious Voices, we shall enjoy our wedding service on every anniversary."
Mr & Mrs Belcham, Suffolk.
May 2010

"Thank you so much for retrieving the recording of me singing with the BBC Welsh Orchestra. I have done many concerts and opera performances, but until now had no audio recordings of my singing career. A very special memory for me and my family."
Mrs Baker, North Wales.
April 2010

"I'm pleased to confirm that I've now had a chance to listen to the CD and it's very good. The recording is of immense sentimental value to me and my family, so having it transferred to a more suitable and lasting format is of great comfort to us all. Thanks also for your efforts to enhance the sound quality.

Your friendly, understanding and professional service made it a pleasure to deal with you. I will happily recommend you to anyone who can make use of your services."
Mr Wright, Glasgow.
March 2010

"I resisted the temptation and saved listening to recording of our wedding till today, our silver wedding anniversary. My husband was completley blown away as he had forgotten the tape existed. The quality of the recording far exceeds my expectations as the recording was done on an old tape recorder from the back of a very large church. Last night some family came round to raise a glass and of course we got out the CD. There was laughter and tears listening to my Dads speech as the clarity brought him back to life. You worked wonders on a battered and snapped tape turning it into a treasure that we know will stand the test of time and will be enjoyed not only by us but our Children. Thank you very very much."
Mrs Royale, Lancashire.
February 2010

"The CDs and tapes arrived safely yesterday. Thank you. They are just terrific. Chris has done a particularly good job on my friend's trumpet solos. He's going to be thrilled. It really is a pleasure dealing with you. The work is of very high quality. The service is impeccable - so good, it makes you feel like a special customer: very helpful: very friendly. No wonder you are so busy."
Mr Marrison, West Midlands.
January 2010

"We have today been delighted to receive the recording you made for us from some aged home made tape recordings. Some 25 plus years ago, we chanced to make this recording (on the most basic of equipment) A recording of our son, then aged about 10, practising for a piano competition. We rediscovered the recording after a house move or two, it brought back fond memories for us and with our now granddaughter (his daughter) starting to play the piano, we thought she might get some fun and embarrass her lovely Daddy!Thanks to you all at Precious Voices for all your help and encouragement and for taking such good care of us and our priceless recordings!"
Mrs Mainwaring, Powys, Wales
January 2010

"Many thanks for the CD of our Radicals pop group from 1964. The transfer to CD from tape was excellent, and has brought back many happy memories of the old group. I had been thinking for some time I would like to hear this tape again, and a chance meeting with our lead singer spurred me into action. Thank you for an excellent service and you particular attention to detail regarding the security of postage."
Mr Wilde, Shropshire
January 2010

"Just to let you know that the CD's have arrived safely. Many thanks for your excellent service."
Mr Wilmott, Somerset
December 2009

"Listened to the CD last night and it's perfect! I am really delighted with it and I'm sure my brother and sisters will be too. I am so pleased to have this to share with the rest of the family and cherish forever. Thank you so much for everything."
Mrs Fraser, Dundee

December 2009

"Just listening to the CD - it's fantastic thank you! The baby in the background is me so it put a smile on my face. My Mum and Dad will be very pleased."
Mr Easen, East Lothian
December 2009

"I was amazed to find 2 audio tapes from 30+ years ago in an old box. They had my sons' offerings of nursery rhymes with their late father. I contacted Precious Voices to discuss the possibilities. I sent the tapes and received them back in time for Christmas. I was thrilled with the results. The service was excellent. I was kept in touch with the ongoing process. Most importantly, there was an empathy that made me feel that my tapes were being cared for."
Mrs Walker, Cheshire
December 2009

"We were very impressed with the quality (of the CDs), which far exceeded our expectations. We would also like to thank you for the personal interest you took in the work and the friendly way in which you kept us informed of progress. We will certainly be using you again."
Mr & Mrs Griffiths
December 2009

"Thank you for improving my cassettes, enabling me to listen to voices from the past. Thank you also for the care and advice – I will definitely recommend you to other people."
Mrs Livingstone, Glasgow
December 2009

"CD's received, my grandmother was absolutely delighted. Tears all around from my parents on hearing their wedding recording! Another big bonus was that one of the voices was my grandmothers' mother! Many thanks for the prompt and professional service."
Mr Young, East Lothian
November 2009

“I have just received the CD and listened to it - I cried my eyes out hearing my Dad's voice again. Since he died in 1996 you can imagine how emotional it was for me, thank you”
Mrs Norwood, Renfrewshire
November 2009

“When I sent you a small reel to reel tape I had found in a box, I didn't know what to expect. I can only thank you for the CD of my two sons aged about 5 and 7 singing with me around 1970. Last Sunday, for our grandson's 14th birthday, I played the tape to the whole family, which caused some embarrassment to the singers, but also laughter and tears on the parts of their partners and chidren. Thank you again. I am really glad I found Precious Voices.”

Mrs Lacey, Cheshire
November 2009

“I am delighted with the CDs, which I will treasure, thank you very much for your expert and careful work in making it all happen. I enjoyed an evening of nostalgia, listening to the CDs - it´s amazing how much I had forgotten.”

Mrs Merino, Mallorca, Spain.
October 2009

“Thank you so much for transferring our reel to reel tape to CD. We were amazed at the quality and my parents were delighted to hear their wedding service again on their Ruby (40th) Anniversary. I really appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to complete this project in time for our special occasion.”

Mrs Sheard, Lancashire
October 2009

“I am delighted to say that my tape has been reproduced to a very high quality, and I would be pleased to recommend your services to others.”

Mr Lang, Fife
October 2009

“Thank you for the care and personal service which I received. I have listened to the CDs which are greatly improved (compared to the original cassette recordings).”
Mrs Brothwood, Bedfordshire
October 2009

'Kind, friendly and reliable, Precious Voices transferred the 1960 reel-to-reel recording onto CD and safely returned the materials to us by Special Delivery. Smiles and laughter all round as my brother's nine-year-old voice rang out clear as a bell! A new family heirloom, a piece of social history, a happy revelation - worth every penny! If you have an an old tape-recording lying half-forgotten in a drawer, I thoroughly recommend that you ferret it out and phone Precious Voices today! Never having owned a tape-recorder, we let nearly fifty years pass by before hearing the recording of my brother being interviewed on Hong Kong radio.."
Mrs Rose, Norfolk
October 2009

'Thank you again so much - I can't get over how good the sound quality is! You've made it so easy with the track numbering too. I'll be in touch again with another reel at some point, I'm delighted with the work you've done so painstakingly.
Mrs Lewin-Jones, Worcestershire
September 2009

'Thank you so much for the excellent quality of the reel to reel tape to transfer to CD. I am over the moon with hearing it again as I was 11 years old when my Grandparents Mr & Mrs Gocher, had their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1958. I was very emotional when I listened to it as I played my violin at the party and their were voices of relatives who are now deceased. I would have no reservations in recommending your service to others in the future. Thank you on behalf of all the Gocher family as you will have made a lot of people very happy.
Mrs Randall-Coles, Hampshire
September 2009

'A word of thanks for the superb effort that you made on my behalf, rescuing a long ago recorded "Voices of the Forces" postal record. Having come across some old papers, it seems that this recording was, in fact made in the second half of 1943, meaning that you rescued a voice from a 66 year old piece of cardboard! The value, to myself and family of this recording cannot be measured and it is with great appreciation of your efforts and expertise, that I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in need of your services."
Mr Lawson, Tyne & Wear
September 2009

"'Precious Voices' what can I say! This company is very precious. They have put smiles on my families faces, who can now listen to people that have passed on over the years, from an old reel to reel (that I thought was well passed its sell by date!) to a CD. Thank you so much for your truly outstanding work."

Mrs Tovey, London
August 2009

"Thank you for your work on my old reel to reel tapes-the results certainly brought back memories! I was surprised how awful some of our early (musical) efforts were, even though we were in deadly earnest, and how good some of the later efforts were-what a shame my poor little tape machine was somewhat overpowered!However, under the circumstances, you did a really good job."
Mr Beacham, Lancashire
August 2009

“Thank you very much for your fantastic service, mending a broken tape (and transferring contents to CD) for my daughter. The tape had the accompaniments for the songs she was singing for her Grade 8 singing exam and having them available so quickly was invaluable. I have now received the result of her exam and she has a distinction. All your efforts have contributed to that and we are thrilled. Thank you very much.”
Mrs Delany, Hampshire
July 2009

“Thank you so much for transferring my late father's memories of his experience in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp from cassette to CD. You far exceeded my expectations. I think your service is invaluable and will have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends.”

Mrs Wright, Southampton
July 2009

“Thank you so much, it was wonderful to hear my (late) father's voice again after twenty years! I must say it brought a tear or two to my eyes when I first listened to it. The quality of the CD was amazing. I will be recommending your company to anyone that requires the services that you provide. I would also like to say how nice it was to be provided with such a personal service, it made a very pleasant change. Once again thank you so very much this has made my day!”

Mrs Whittaker, Avon
July 2009

“You have made a middle-aged woman very happy.I have just listened to the two tracks - amazing - you have done a fantastic job - thank you. It has been very moving listening to these, in particular the track that is damaged at the beginning - 'I know that my Redeemer Liveth' from Handel's Messiah - this is the first time I have heard this recording! I didn't even know my mum had recorded this - she probably didn't like to play it because it was damaged. The other side - the side without damage (Bach) I had heard but it is wonderful to hear it now without all the hisses and pops. Thank you so much and particularly for doing this so quickly..... what a great service. ”

Mrs Lorys, Sussex
July 2009

“I cannot recommend Precious Voices highly enough as I was very pleasantly surprised with all the effort they went to for me when I sent a much loved and treasured cassette to them to be repaired & turned into a CD. Not only did they spend a lot of time tracking down the copyright owner but when he said he had a copy on CD, they (Precious Voices) put me in touch with him so that I could deal direct in buying the CD from him. It is just so refreshing finding someone who is not only really helpful but also very honest and has their customers’ best interests at heart.”

Mrs Steadman, Worcestershire
July 2009

"Received the packages and have listened to them already - they are lovely for us to hear and I'm really looking forward to taking one for my parents at the weekend-it is really quite emotional to hear your parents (now in their 80s) as a young couple. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on transferring the voices and my uncle's accordian playing."
Mrs Cassidy, Essex
June 2009

“You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to hear my Father again so clearly. He was a wise and loving man and to be reminded once again of those attributes is a very comforting feeling. All thanks to you!”
Mrs Leng, Cheshire
June 2009

"Precious Voices is a family firm who have been a pleasure to do business with. It was such a joy to find a real and friendly voice on the other end of the telephone. This then followed by a courteous and efficient service which resulted in a final product with which my husband and I are truly delighted. Thank both so much."
Mrs Agate, Sussex
June 2009

"Thank you so much for the CD which arrived safely today - I am delighted with it and will look forward to playing it to my long-suffering friends without fear of it going berserk. You provide a great service, I will keep all your details to pass on if I know of anyone else in need."
Ms Smith, Oxfordshire
June 2009

"It is hard to express the joy that was felt, when our dear Dad's lovely tenor voice was heard again on the CD that you made after restoring the damaged cassette of our church choir performing over 30 years ago. Happy memories for my sister & I. Grateful thanks for a wonderful result."
Mrs Kerley, South Wales
May 2009

"You have performed a miracle! You've even made the old voice sound reasonable. I wish I could sing like that now! I'm not feeling as bad as I thought I might and will gracefully accept that the children were right to nag me (to get the 78 put on CD). Thank you so much for your huge effort to reconstitute my old 78. I am very grateful.

P.S. My wife has just come home and I have played it to her. She says it's lovely - enough to make her fall in love with me all over again!"
Mr MacNab, East Sussex
May 2009

"Just sending you a few lines to let you know we received the discs today, and played them this afternoon. Thank you both so much for the brilliant job you have done for us. The quality of sound is amazing, tissues were the order of the day!! It's hard to believe it's such a long time ago we made the tape. Anyway, thank you again, it's been lovely dealing with such friendly and lovely people as yourselves. I will be in touch about a camcorder tape to DVD."
Mr & Mrs Howe, Co. Durham
April 2009

"Many thanks for the very professional service you have provided in recovering an old reel-to-reel wedding tape, originally recorded 51 years ago to be heard again. The very high clarity of the sound that was restored was amazing, and as it is now safely transferred on to CD means it can at last be heard and appreciated by all the family.

How pleasant also to do business with a company that takes pride in its work, and to keeping me informed regarding arrival of the tape on your premises and when you had also posted it back. I will not hesitate to use and recommend your services to others."

Mr Edwards, Sussex
March 2009

"Thank you so much for all your kindness, hard work and professionalism. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have the discs. I thought I had lost the contents of the this tape forever. It is very sentimental to me. Thank you again – I will recommend you to everyone I know – even to people I don't know!"

Mrs Browning, Surrey
March 2009

"Thank you for managing to transfer my mum's record so quickly. It was wonderful to hear her beautiful voice again and as you can imagine there were a few tears. I phoned my dad in Tenerife last night and let him hear just a little bit of the recording. He said it was just as he remembered it - special memories. Thanks again."

Mrs Gibb, Lothian
March 2009

"Just to let you know the tape is safely back in my mum's hands now and just as we thought it was very emotional when she heard the cd. To say she was thrilled and happy was an under statement. She rang my auntie (her sister) and let her listen down the phone, they have made arrangements to see each other on Wednesday and listen together.

Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website, you do a fantastic job from the customer service to the actual product. If I had more tapes I would send them just to keep in touch."

Mrs Stevens, North Yorkshire
March 2009

"I've just listened to the the CD and I'm absolutely delighted - Thankyou"
Mrs Marshall, East Sussex
March 2009

"It's a Tardis moment. You've made us “live” again. Our skiffle band's born again all thanks to Precious Voices, and what we though was a ruined (78) record, now better than new... Now where are my washboard and thimbles? Thanks again."
Mr Davies, Cheshire
February 2009

"My father was recently given a reel-to-reel tape recorder from a member of the family that thought it would be of interest to him, as it was believed to contain the voices of his late mother and father. My father hadn’t listened to the reel for fear of it being damaged, so my mother and I decided to secretly send the reel off to ‘Precious Voices’ to have it restored and put on CD as a birthday gift this coming April. I am sure that he will be more than delighted.

I would describe the customer service provided by Precious Voices as a unique experience. The personal touch given on this site is what drew me initially to entrust Precious Voices with my items, and this was reflected in the quality of care and personal communication given to update me on receipt, progress and despatch.

I would highly recommend this service to all that are considering restoring their voices from the past. Thanks again!."
Mrs B (name withheld so as not to spoil surprise), Ceredigion, Wales
February 2009

"My husband and I have just spent a wonderful time listening to the voices and we are amazed at how much you have been able to extract from a rather old and damaged tape. As we have no other recording of our 3 children's voices so these CD's are so precious. Although the recordings are just children playing and pretending, it is fascinating to identify the early signs of each of their characters which have developed some 30+ years later into the people we know and love today. Thank you for such a prompt and caring service."
Mrs Simmonds, Hampshire
January 2009

"Can I thank you so much for turning this round so quickly, to a very tight deadline, and for the superb customer service you have provided along theway. It is very rare to find such customer service and professionalism nowadays. The CD has enabled us to enjoy voices and conversations from 32 years ago once again. It has been an absolute pleasure to hear the voices of children who have long since become adults and also relatives who are no longer with us."
Mr Gibbs, Derbyshire
January 2009

"I'd like to commend Precious Voices for an excellent service. They transferred content from 45-year old open-reel tapes to CDs, (musical performances, recitals and dialogue) and achieved very good sound quality. A very professional job."
Mr Biswas, London
January 2009

"Just wanted to say a huge "Thank you" for restoring our precious voices recently. You did a wonderful job. Also can't thank you enough for rushing my tape through in time for a special family occasion. CD was delivered on time as promised. Everyone was thrilled with the results. Will be sending you some more tapes in the very near future. Keep up the good work."
Mrs Currie, Glasgow
January 2009

"Thank you for rescuing the forty year old tape-recording of my wife's grandfather describing his life in Leamington Spa, which began when Queen Victoria was on the throne. You have saved a cherished family heirloom from extinction and your meticulous restoration work gets full marks from this home."
Mr Gough-Yates, London
December 2008

“Thank you for your excellent service enabling me to hear an interview I conducted in the sixties, of which no other record remains. The interviewee died many years ago so I thought all the information she gave had been lost. The disk you made from this long-forgotten tape is first rate and will enable me to make use of the information for an article which will be of considerable interest to our dog club members in the UK and overseas”
Geoff Grounds
December 2008

"I am very impressed by the service you provided. It was important to me to have a lasting copy of a tape I recorded about 25 years ago of my wife and children which is irreplaceable. The quality of the CD is excellent and I would like to thank you for the prompt and efficient way you handled my request."
Mr England, Yorkshire
December 2008

"Just a short letter to thank you for the CD copies of my tape of my father reminiscing about the haunts of his youth, it was great to hear his voice again. Your service was absolutely brilliant and the quality of the CD is excellent. Many thanks for all your help and your very fast turnaround of our order. I will be letting Sanyo know how well you treated us."

Mr Burton, Wrexham
November 2008

We were recommended to Mr Burton by Sanyo who's brand of mini-cassette he used to record his father's voice 20 years ago.


mini cassette sanyo

Sanyo mini-cassette

"Thank you very much for all your work. You provide a wonderful service and I shall recommend it to colleagues and friends."
Mrs Thornbury, London
November 2008

"Just to say that the CD arrived just now. FANTASTIC! Wow amazing what you sound like as a little tot! Plus I didn't realise how much I sound like my Mum. Can I get another copy of this? Lots and lots of thanks."
Mrs Curran, Isle of Man
November 2008

"Thanks for the superb job you did in reclaiming my 50 year old tapes. I have enjoyed listening to the disc many times and look forward to giving the grandchildren a good laugh at Christmas."
Mr Gibson, Oxfordshire
November 2008

"Thank you very much for transferring my cassette to CD. I am very pleased with the result. I will be recommending your business to all my friends."
Mrs MacDonald, Inverness-shire
November 2008

"Your service is second to none! I received the CD's and tape bright and early Saturday morning
thanks to my friendly postman. I have just been able to finish listening to it, wiped away the tear and just had to email and say a hugh big thank you for letting me hear my dear departed dad's voice again.I will certainly be recommending your service in the future. Once again thank you very much for letting me take a step back in time."

Mrs Godward, Essex
November 2008

"I would like to take this opportunity to than you all very much for your help and advice. It was an absolute delight to deal with people who were genuinely interested in giving the best possible care to their customers and to their priceless records and tapes. The personal touch is a very rare thing these days and it definitely improves business, as I will certainly be forwarding more of my precious tapes. Thank you all again for the first class service."
Mrs Ramsden, London
October 2008

"Thank you so much for the CD received this morning that you have so splendidly rescued from an old reel to reel tape. You have worked wonders in this recovery. So many precious voices from over 50 years ago I can here again with laughter, joy and yes - a few tears."
Mrs Miller, Ayrshire
October 2008

"CDs arrived safely. Great job, the sound quality is lovely, and thank you for keeping in all the noises from the audience, it is a wonderful memento.Thank you once again for all your help and advice."
Mrs Simpson, Dorset
October 2008

"Thank you so much, I have received my cds safely and (we) have listened to them. Our faces hurt from laughing so much. Obviously, they are so very precious even if the children are talking a load of rubbish! Thank you once again for an excellent, friendly service and for keeping me informed every
step of the way."
Mrs Evans, Hampshire
October 2008

"I had no idea of what was on the reel to reel tape and so it was wonderful surprise to be transported back to 1960! To hear all my family reciting, singing, playing our out-of-tune piano, transported me back nearly 50 years. The recovered audio quality was so good that I could see and even smell the family sitting room, watch my fellow siblings in my mind and feel the lap I was probably sitting on. What a treat and, now it is all on CD, it is a treat I can sample many many times. So sincere thanks for all your efforts."
Dr. Steenman-Clark, Berkshire
October 2008

"Those who know me well know that I am seldom lost for words! But today I was. I received the CD which was brilliantly created from two old 78 recordings from the 1950's. I cannot say strongly enough how delighted I am, and how I appreciate your careful and painstaking effort to make something truly memorable from our youthful frivolity and childhood attempt to please our parents at Christmas. Thank you!"
Mrs Pope, Bristol
September 2008

"I am very pleased with the work you have done and also the high level of service and help you gave me. It is very unusual these days to deal with a company that gives such good “old fashioned” service."
Mr Potter, Cornwall
September 2008

"CD is tremendous. Looking forward to playing it to the rest of the family whom I am sure have forgotten all about it"
Mr Miller, Manchester
September 2008

"We would like to thank you very much for your help in bringing back many happy memories for my wife and I. We appreciate the care and effort you took to restore the tape and transfer to cd."
Mr Boldra, Ross-shire
September 2008
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"I would like to say thank you as the service was first class from confirming delivery, to solving the problem and the final presentation and quality."
Mr Radclifffe, Tyne & Wear
September 2008

"Precious Voices says it all. Every pound worth it to hear voices and sounds from the treasured past. Thank You."
Mrs Currie-Thomopoulos, Surrey
August 2008

"Having carried the tape recording of my teenage “beat group” from one house to the next since 1964, it was wonderful to be able to give my fellow band members personal CD copies when we got together to celebrate our 60th birthdays back in Liverpool. Thank you so much for your help and for the fantastic service."
Mr Lea, Manchester
June 2008

"I have had so many memories revived since listening to the c.d. you rescued from the old reel to reel tape my grandmother made about 42 years ago.  I am so pleased with the quality and quickness of the work you did that I will certainly be sending down some more for you to work on."
Mrs Mowat, Aberdeenshire
April 2008

“Many thanks. I received the CD, played it and recalled many memories. I am very pleased with it.
Mr Boulton, Lancs
April 2008

“Cannot thank you enough for superbly restoring a vocal recording made by my wife two decades ago.
Mr Bury, Dumfries
April 2008

“Many thanks for an excellent job done in recovering the voices of myself, my mother and grandfather from a 45+ year old reel-to-reel tape – I always assumed there would be little left by now! The quality and clarity of the recovered recording is outstanding and will be a treasured memory for us and our future generations. I was extremely impressed by your professional manner and knowledge, and in particular the level of communication throughout. I would definitely recommend you to anyone with old tapes etc in need of recovery – even if they think they are beyond recovery.”
Mr Rhodes, Lancashire
March 2008

"The parcel has arrived safely and is excellent! Lots of happy memories. Thank you all so much.
You'll be hearing from me again as I have at least 1 video in need of translation to DVD - delighted to see you now do that too!"
Mrs Cameron, Aberdeenshire
March 2008

"Just to let you know I have finally listened to my Nan's CD's. It has bought back happy memories of my childhood and my Grandparents. The quality and sound are very good considering the age of the tapes.
I will be using you service again soon as I have some VHS tapes of my children that need transferring to DVD. Thanks again for you prompt and friendly service
Mrs Leeding, Lancs.
March 2008

"Thank you for such good service and the quality of the CD recording. It will give my partner and her sister many years of pleasure and happy memories of their father Ken playing the piano in his band.

The (original) tape did not play as long for us and you have found tracks we were unaware were there. Thank you again"
Mr Yeo, Bristol.
Feb 2008

"It arrived and is great! Many thanks."
Mr Harvey, London

"I selected Precious Voices at random from the Internet and it turned out that I could not have made a better choice. They are very friendly and understanding people, but more importantly they do an excellent job for a fair price, and keep in touch throughout the process. The old audio tape recordings of my elderly relatives were transferred to CDs and enhanced. I am delighted with the results and that these old conversations are now in a more durable media for others to listen to in years to come. 

I am using them again to transfer VHS tapes of my grandchildren onto DVDs."
Tony Head, Cambridge
Feb 2008

"Many thanks for your speedy and personal service in transferring the contents of a reel to reel to CD. The quality of the recording is really good and I very much appreciated the personal touches you made particularly the calls to say you had received the tape and when you were about to post it back.

All in all a first class service and well worth the money - I would not hesitate to recommend your company.
J. Berry, London

Feb 2008

"Many thanks for what you have done, it brought back so many memories. Now we have them on CD we can play them over and over again."
Mr Higham, Nottingham
Dec 2007

"Just a note to thank you for our CD. Its great and brings back happy memories of a lovely day (our wedding) 35 years ago."
Mr & Mrs Milligan, Cumbria.

Dec 2007

"For a journalist up against a deadline, it’s a terrifying moment when you realise an interview is trapped on a broken tape with no way of getting at the precious words! Finding Precious Voices saved me much embarrassment – and time. And receiving an MP3 of the recording via the internet made it a very speedy solution too."
Deborah Wald.
Heyday Magazine, London.

"What can I say after such a superb recording resurrection? 
I had one worn out recording of my grandfather singing "Your England & Mine" accompanied by the piano at an exhibition in 1947, it was a one off pressing 78rpm record and it had been over played over the years and I thought the sound was no more than a memory.  But with obvious care and patience I heard again the recording I thought had been lost in a hail of hiss crackle and pop.  Very well done indeed and my sincere thanks to you at Precious Voices." 
Mr A. Bolton, Nottingham.

"Thank you for the super job you have done with the latest set of recordings."
Mr Brand, Middlesex

"I wish to thank you for the good job you carried out in rescuing the tape which contained a long conversation, mostly reminiscences, with my mother who died ten years ago. I had never actually heard the conversation and was quite upset when the tape seemed to have become 'gummed-up' that I thought I never would. However you came to my help and all is now well and the words safely transferred to a cd."
Mrs D. Turner, West Midlands

"Just a brief note to acknowledge all the extra work that has been done on our behalf in connection with the CD's which you prepared for us from the reel to reel tapes and to thank you for "going the extra mile" and enabling Anne's brother, John to enjoy what he described as an "inspirational birthday present". It came as a real surprise to him and both families now have the opportunity to enjoy listening to some delightful piano playing - amongst other things. Than you very much indeed.
Mr Hawksley, Surrey.

"Many thanks for the receipt of the tapes and CDs today. I am delighted with the outcome. You have rescued much more than I expected. I had forgotten many of the items, but hearing them all again I could picture the scenes and memories were revived. I have passed on your details to couple of friends."
Mr Adey, Derbyshire

"I have just received my CDs containing a tape recorded diary I compiled in January 1956 and which I have not heard for about 30 years at least. Recorded on one of the very first reel-to-reel tape recorders available for home use and it was never hi-fi quality as we know it today but the CDs from Precious Voices really do sound better than I remember the originals. I thoroughly recommend Precious Voices' friendly service. Dig out your old recordings right now and send them off!"
Mr Cunnane, Yorkshire

"Thank you so much for the CDs that you transferred from my old cassettes for our wedding anniversary party. They were absolutely wonderful."
Mrs Mehta, London.

"We are absolutely delighted with the CD you have produced from the old 78s. The quality of sound is excellent and it will be treasured by our family for the future. The 78 arrived in perfect condition. Many, many thanks."
Mr Brown, Kent

"Thank you so much for those wonderful CD's. It was so wonderful to be able to listen to my father again after all this time. You have switched a light on in our hearts, for which we will be eternally grateful. My father was a wonderful man, loved by all who knew him; he had a unique ability to make everyone feel special. When he died, a little of all of us went with him. He used to play the piano and sing all the time and when Alzheimer's took this away, it was heartrending. Dad will always be missed and remembered and now you have made it possible to continue to hear his voice, that a mere thank you seems trivial. Thank you so very much for all of my family."
Mrs Bailey, E.Yorkshire

"Many thanks for the CD of our record. It is wonderful. I know my daughter will be as delighted as I am - it was such a part of her growing up. You have been the answer to my prayers. Very many thanks and good luck. I am now looking out a favourite reel to reel. Will be in touch."
Mrs Pegg, Yorkshire

"Many thanks for the return of our record and the CD you have produced for us. We are very pleased with the sound quality you have achieved, particularly the spoken segment of our wedding service and the solo sung by a friend. We are grateful that the original, very amateur early tape recording transferred to record is now safely stored on disc. With much gratitude"
Mr & Mrs Dowle, Dorset

"The record and CD to hand today. We are delighted with the results. Thank you very much indeed for all your work. With best wishes for future work."
Mr & Mrs Garbett, Somerset

"Absolutely fabulous - we sat down straight away and relived our wedding. A great treat after 30 years…As for your customer service - Superb."
Mrs Partington, Norfolk

"You have done a fine job and certainly lived up to your reputation."
Mr Brandt, Dorset

"Many thanks for the excellent CD you made of my old family tapes and special thanks for getting the CD to me in time for my trip to America. I really appreciated your courteous help and prompt service. My sister was thrilled to hear all those family voices again after so many years, it was quite an emotional time as we listened together."
Mrs Simmonds, Suffolk

"Many thanks - an excellent recording from a very well-used tape..."
Mr Knowlson, Berkshire

"I would like to congratulate you on the very successful transfer to CD from the reel to reel recording of my young son - he is no 39 years old! He is coming over from Australia in June and will be very amused to hear himself sometime between the ages of 3 and 4."
Mr Last, Yorskhire

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