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About Us

Here at Precious Voices we rescue the sounds of the past, preserving them for generations to come.

Tape recordings were never meant to last. Tapes can become stretched, broken or damaged by magnetic fields and over time tapes can finish up unplayable. Precious memories are lost forever.

We specialise in transferring your precious memories, whether the voices of your children when young, long departed relatives or rare musical recordings onto audio compact discs.

Precious Voices also offers sound retrieval services to businesses, museums, sound archives and audiobook publishers etc.

Precious Voices - Advice Line 01472 389965

Latest News

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Chris interviewed on Radio New Zealand National

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The tale of the
"Glaswegian Budgie"

Story about our work retrieving the voice of a pet budgie that had been taught to speak in broad Glaswegian.

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We were interviewed by Bob Smyth of the Sunday Post for an article about our work retrieving sounds from old tapes.

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"Live In Lochcarron"

Memories of 1972

The Travelling People.

Sounds of folk group "The Travelling People" rescued for former band members.

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We were interviewed by Vanessa Thorpe arts and media correspondent of The Observer newspaper for article entitled "Family videotape treasures at risk."

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mouldy tape
An example of a mouldy tape.

Tape Mould - Now Family Memories Are Under Attack From Climate Change

Tape mould is not a big hairy green fungal beastie but a fine dust like infection that appears at first sight like random dandruff. Only in its later stages of infestation does it become obvious to the untrained eye. Its caused by storing tapes in damp or humid places during warm moist Summers and its destroying tapes as never before.

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Transfer your precious family videos into the new
digital DVD format.

In response to popular demand we are now able to transfer your family video footage to DVD.

Have your Wedding or Christening or important family occasions protected by transferring them from degradable video tape to a secure digital format.

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Heyday Magazine Cover

Precious Voices saves the day.

"For a journalist up against a deadline, it’s a terrifying moment when you realise an interview is trapped on a broken tape with no way of getting at the precious words!

Finding Precious Voices saved me much embarrassment – and time. And receiving an MP3 of the recording made it a very speedy solution too. "

Deborah Wald.
Heyday Magazine, London.

"How to send 78's and other records through the post safely"

Here at Precious Voices we are often asked how to pack fragile records so they travel through the post safely.

This article by broadcaster and 78 collector Bryan Wright gives you some ideas and tips on how to parcel up your records so they arrive safely when sending them to Precious Voices.

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"Ireland and the War"
Senator MacDermot talks to America

Precious Voices transfer a pair of a
luminium instantaneous recording discs from CBS radio in New York containing a wartime speech by the late Senator MacDermot TD about "Ireland and the War" recorded in New York prior to the American entry into the Second World War in December 1941.

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Dumfries Sign

April 2006: We've Moved!

We've moved to the lovely town of Thornhill in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.
Our new address and contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Magazine Cover

Precious Voices featured in Practical Family History Magazine.

Download Article as PDF file



Feature: "The Perspex Record"

Follow this link to find out more about the unusual small square perspex disc which arrived recently and which we transferred to CD.

Recorded by a serviceman in occupied Germany following WW2 it contained a few precious words to his family and him singing two songs, one to his mother, and the other to his wife.

[Full Story]

Choice Magazine Graphic

Full page in September issue of Choice Magazine, Britain's top selling monthly magazine for the over fifties and young at heart.

Flypast Logo Graphic

Flypast, Britain's top selling monthly aviation magazine have published an article about us in their latest issue.

Follow this link (or click Flypast logo) to visit a special website detailing this project and our work preserving the sounds and voices of aviation history.

Record Image

Feature: "To Sunshine from Daddy."

Follow this link to read more about the little metal discs of aluminium coated in French polish used by British troops during WW2 to send messages home.

Each little disc could be scratched on a primitive stylus machine and carry just a few precious words home to loved ones.

[Full Story]

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  Follow this link (or click BFBS logo) to listen Liz Frear is interviewed by Dave Raven of BFBS Radio (British Forces Broadcasting Service) about our work. This is an archive interview from 2005.
To download this MP3 audio File, right click on the logo above and select "Save" or "Save Target As.."

Once the file has downloaded,you can listen using the MP3 player installed on you computer.

Overseas Customers

Precious Voices gets many hits on our website from around the World. Because proper audio restorers are few and far between in the World, we are happy to help overseas customers and regularly accept work from across the globe. We ask for payment in advance in sterling from our overseas customers and we recommend International Special Delivery as the cheapest and most secure method of sending us your material. Some customers prefer to use Fedex or a similar courier.

Sending material in the post is always a risk and we can help make the process safer by giving advice on packing precious items. We can also return your restored material to you in a digital form (MP3 audio files) before we post or courier your CD's and original tapes. That way we minimise the risk to your material. It is however impossible for us to obtain insurance for what we do, even from Lloyds of London, because what we handle is often of no monetary value but of enormous emotional worth.

If you think we may be of assistance to you then please email us at and we will guide you from there. We pride ourselves in our customer service.

Just some of the countries from where we have received work:
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