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In response to popular demand we are now able to transfer your family video footage to DVD. Have your Wedding or Christening or important family occasions protected by transferring them from degradable video tape to a secure digital format. Video footage is unlike pure audio and we cannot clean up or improve the original quality of filming. With video transfer what you see on the original cassette is literally what you get on DVD. As the video player and cassette are rapidly becoming obsolete and unavailable we are being asked more and more to transfer these precious memories to a digital format.

Cine Framea Cine FrameaCine Frame

Screenshots of cine footage brought to us by a client on VHS video tape.

Cine FrameaCine FrameaCine Frame



E180 (3hr) - £40 +P&P
E240 (4hr) - £50 +P&P


N.B. As in all our other work we have to obey strict copyright laws. So this service is only available for your own family video footage. We CANNOT copy favourite films or TV programs to DVD for our customers.


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